If you have arrived here, you are probably interested in knowing more about our work … and we are very grateful!

Tell us in the most detailed way possible how your wedding will be, so we will have the necessary information to make a more precise estimate.

If you need to tell us more, our telephone number is 655198382





Do you work outside of Seville?
Of course! We go where you want. We love to travel and we do weddings throughout the Spanish and foreign geography. We are used to moving from one place to another so do not be afraid because moving is not a problem.

What is the deadline?
It will depend a bit on the date of the wedding, but in general terms we estimate between 4 and 6 months for the delivery of all the photo and video material. Previously we will be passing material for your review until you reach the final result.

How can we meet if we live outside of Seville?
Today technologies give us many possibilities, skype is a good method of contact when our partners are away, or for time can not make an appointment with us, we will also keep direct contact by phone and email whenever you need it.

How do you work?
We are interested in capturing the day of the wedding as it happens, trying to go unnoticed and influencing as little as possible, letting everything happen in its normal course, without poses or artifices. We can define our work as “artisan”, based on the fact that the most important thing in this is to tell each story in a different way. No two people are the same, no two weddings are the same. “We mold” each wedding as a unique piece.

Do you carry spare equipment?
Yes, we are always equipped with two cameras each and different interchangeable lenses, batteries and spare cards.

What are the payment options?
1- To book the date it is necessary to make a delivery of 400€.
2- The remaining payment is made until the wedding day.