“When we started looking for a photographer and video for our wedding, we did not know who they would be, but we did know that we wanted originality and that when we saw and showed the video / photos of our wedding, it was not something that you anticipate what you are going to come later. With them, that you have assured!

One afternoon / night, by chance, we met them. We started watching a report of them and if I tell you that we spent two hours watching reports I do not lie at all. You saw a video or some photos and when you finished, you always wanted to see more and more even if it was not your wedding report. Since then, it was clear to us that we had already found what we were looking for.

They put all the feeling at the time of doing their work and that is reflected in the final result. Wishing we are already to see ours because we know 100% and with total security that they will make us the best photo and video report that you can have, of those that you will never get tired of seeing and teaching.

Asun and Manu, what to say of them, you can tell they love their work, two great people who blend as one, professionals as the most, attentive, flexible, capture your idea from the first moment, it is impossible not to get along with them from minute one in which you know them, they make easy the moments of nerves, the wedding day you do not realize that they are there but they do not miss a detail of the wedding (I attest to that) and so I could continue writing an infinite number of qualities.

Guys, you're great, keep going because you're going to get very far. Thanks and a thousand thanks from our heart and from all our family and friends who never tire of telling us how well they spent with you and how attentive you were with them, both in the interviews and throughout the day. We will always recommend you 100%”


"I just love them! JAJAJA, Manu and Asun are the bomb! We have been very boyfriends but very demanding and quite atypical, even so, they have adapted to our needs perfectly! The treatment has been unbeatable from the beginning, the communication, not only professionally, but also, but personally, they are very close and you forget that you have a camera in front of them! All great ... but the result has been SPECTACULAR, BRUTAL !!, I do not think there is a nicer wedding video, it has everything, the emotion, the party, the details, EVERYTHING. It has been a positive plus to the experience of getting married, I would always repeat with them. ALL OF THE LIGHTS! We recommend them totally!"


“One of the most important things in a wedding is to leave it in the hands of professionals. With Asun and Manu there was no need to tell them how we wanted them, I simply told them "I leave it in your hands" and the result has been SPECTACULAR !!! We do not get tired of watching the videos again and again and that we got married two years ago already!
They are excellent people, very professional, original when it comes to making videos, perfectionists, the videos they make seem taken from a movie, excellent quality, some beautiful shots, the mixture of images with music, they capture all the important moments.
Ahhhh and last but not least is that they speak English and that is necessary when a wedding is international like ours was.
1000% recommended ... I am looking forward to a video again !!!!!”


“The photos and the video that we always dream of having on our wedding day. A video that relives in a dynamic, fun and emotional way all that we live. Some photos of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding with great strength and originality. Highly recommended”


"When we started looking for a photo and video for our wedding, we tried to make them both from the same team, because we think that when working, they would be better interpenetrated and everything would be easier for us. We managed to find them. We only have good words towards Asun and Manu, for their professionalism, their closeness, as well as the quality of their work, of course.
They are observers, which is very important because they know how to get to know you and get the essence of each one, you can not imagine how important that is when it is a photo or video. I think that of all the providers of my wedding they are the ones who calmed me down the most, I knew that nothing bad could happen to them (another very important point). Oh! we, in addition, hire the SDE (video that we put before the dance and that I recommend to all couples because it was a success). Do not miss the opportunity to see their work, they are very good. Quality-price ratio, is 10"


“Even being from Madrid, I did not doubt at any moment in hiring this team of professionals and even better people. At all times we facilitated all the paperwork, close, affectionate and always with a smile on the face, it's nice to run into people like that, Asun, Manu, I hope to see you soon on another occasion”